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Platform Selection

Once you have written your content (your sites story) and have a design idea where do you go to create the actual site.  There are dozens of platforms to select from and as such it can quickly become overwhelming selecting what to use.  There are multiple factors to consider in platform selection and we can help you walk through the decision making process.


Some examples of things to consider when selecting a platform:

  • Sites functionality

    • Static or dynamic content

    • Web apps needed (example would be a banner that displays the current time of the user logged onto the site and the current weather)

    • Multiple languages needed

    • an online store that requires ability to purchase products or services


  • Social media requirements

    • blogs

    • forums

    • site linked/tied to various social platforms


  • Online marketing needs

    • display ads

    • advertising on other sites

    • primary site in addition to landing pages


  • Media required

    • photo gallery

    • video 

      • custom player

      • service like youtube

    • live video and/or cam services


  • Chat and email services


The above list is not compressive but does represent how complex the selection can quickly become.  We can help you sift through the options based on your goals for your site.  The good news is that you are never locked into a singular platform and as your business grows or personal needs change so can your platform. Planning for growth from the beginning can make this a much easier process.

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